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Thanks to everyone who joined me this Spring.  I won’t be putting in any new dates for the remainder of the year but I look forward to seeing you on new walks next year!  All the following walks can be booked privately.  No group too small.  Email me at historywomenbrighton@outlook.com or call 07756 296563 for details.

Too long? Too short? Let me tailor a walk to your requirements.

All walks available in French. TEFL trained, I am experienced in guiding in simple English to language students and people without fluent English. All levels catered for. Language students welcome!

Don’t want to walk? I offer the above walks – and more – as seated, illustrated lectures. Let me visit your group and enjoy the stories from the comfort of a chair.

Notorious Women of Brighton – Wilful princesses, Music Hall stars, headstrong courtesans, entrepreneurs, Brighton has always attracted women who dare do things differently. Hear some of their stories and other female claims to fame.  Starts St Nicholas Church, Dyke Road, Brighton.  1.5 hrs.

Notorious Women of Hove  – Hove has been home to women whose ideas have shaken up our world – from some of Britain’s first women doctors to suffragettes, campaigners to boundary shifting entertainers. Walk in their footsteps and hear their amazing stories on this tour. Starts in St Ann’s Well Gardens. 1.5 hrs.

Notorious Women of Kemptown – From Ladies to ladies, scientists to sportswomen, Kemptown has inspired some incredible women. Hear how worlds as diverse as policing, fashion, education, shopping and the arts were shaken by local women on this gentle walk. Starts at St George’s Church. 1.5 hrs.

Victorian Working Class Brighton – During the nineteenth century the Queen’s Park/Hanover area developed as a vibrant and lively working-class district. Join me to discover traces of these long-gone communities in old shops, pubs, slipper-baths, the work-house, and school. Starts at St Luke’s Church.

The Royal Pavilion Estate – A visit inside the Royal Pavilion is a Brighton ‘must-do’ but what about the outside? This hour’s walk around the Royal Pavilion Gardens and surrounds explores the creation of this beautiful green space, the history of the Gardens, its adjoining gates and buildings, and its First World War legacy.

See you soon!




8 thoughts on “Walks/Talks

  1. Hello Louise, I’m involved in putting on a play about Harriette Wilson and the Duke of Wellington and see that you have an image of her wearing a red top. What is the copy right situation of the image.

    Many thanks for your help,
    Marie Hanley
    07960 380638


  2. We joined Louise for the Notorious Women of Brighton walk last year – it was great and we learnt and lot and had a really good time! We are going on the Kemptown walk this year – its a great way to spend time and I thoroughly recommend the walks!


    • Hi Julie, the Brighton one definitely is. I think the Kemp town one is too but I just can’t remember at the moment whether there are a few steps to St George’s church where I start or not. I am doing the walk tomorrow so I will let you know for sure then. Best wishes.


  3. Many thanks, Louise, for being such an engaging and entertaining guide on your ‘Women of Hove’ walk at the weekend. You’ve obviously put so much research into the fascinating array of characters you described, and your enthusiasm for your subject really helped bring them all to life for me. I learned such a lot! My view of Hove has had to be completely revised.

    Here’s to the next walk!


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