New book for 2021!

New for 2021!

A delve into Brighton and Hove’s rich women’s history in 220 pages, over 130 illustrations and 4 easy to follow maps. Wander, cycle, skate, bus, or travel in your imagination through the streets of central Brighton, stopping at over 90 sites of importance to women who have lived, worked, created, agitated, unsettled, wrought havoc and made history in our city.

The first British woman to swim the Channel, a Ladies World Speed record breaker, an African princess, a Soviet spy-cum-antiques dealer, a woman who started a rogue all- women police force, the first female celebrity chef, a woman who ran a suffragette guest-house, the queen who ‘wasn’t amused’ by Brighton, and the brilliant doctor whose story is so shocking, the British Army tried to suppress if for 100 years.

The streets of Brighton and Hove are packed with links to women who made great strides in Law, fashion, sport, politics, education and more. Bringing together these stories, this book guides you around the streets of the city, showing you the hidden corners where history was made by a cast of fearless and fabulous women who all, in their own ways, did things that changed the world.’

Louise Peskett created the popular Notorious Women of Brighton, Hove, and Kemptown walks in 2013 to help people discover and explore the incredibly rich women’s history around the city. She has guided at the Royal Pavilion, Preston Manor, Brighton Museum, and at other historic sites in Sussex and beyond. She also writes and lectures about local women’s history.

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