Walk in the Steps of the Fearless and Fabulous!

Unfortunately this year I wasn’t able to lead my women’s history walks around Brighton, Hove and Kemptown during the Brighton Fringe Festival — or at any other time — due to the pandemic. Like most people, many other things came to a halt, or were put on a long, long pause for me. I used the time to finish a project I started a couple of years ago. So many people have asked over the years whether I had written down the stories of Brighton and Hove’s women anywhere. ‘Why not?’ people asked. What was keeping me? Well, 2020 was the year when I could no longer say ‘oh, I’d love to but I just never have the time, you know what it’s like….’

So here it is. After a far-too-long and meandering journey into self-publishing (tip to anyone else embarking on a similar project: read all the ‘how-to’ guides BEFORE you start rather than when you’re three-quarters of the way through; also get acquainted with the many mysterious ways of formatting), I am now sitting amongst boxes of ‘The Fearless and the Fabulous, a Journey through Brighton and Hove’s Women’s History’ that are just waiting, if not to leap from the shelves, at least to find themselves into the hands or armchairs of people wanting to discover some mighty women, past and present, of Brighton and Hove.

‘A delve into Brighton and Hove’s rich women’s history in 230 pages, over 130 illustrations and 4 easy to follow maps. Wander, cycle, skate, bus, or travel in your imagination through the streets of central Brighton, stopping at over 90 sites of importance to women who have lived, worked, created, agitated, unsettled, wrought havoc and made history in our city.’

The book costs £14.95 + £2.70 post and packaging UK wide. As a special offer you can buy two for £29.90 with free p & p.

If you live locally (Preston Park area, Fiveways, Hollingbury, Hollingdean in Brighton) I’m happy to drop off, saving you the cost of p & p. Feel free to enquire by email at historywomenbrighton@outlook.com.

To purchase, just go to the ‘New Book for 2021!’ section of this website.

Eventually ‘The Fearless and the Fabulous’ will be available in local book shops. I’ll post updates.

Happy exploring and hope to see some of you on walks again soon!



4 thoughts on “Walk in the Steps of the Fearless and Fabulous!

  1. Such a fantastic achievement. Huge congratulations Louise – so much care, knowledge and archival research have gone into writing this book … and you have walked so many miles across Brighton and Hove to share stories of some of these amazing & strong women with captive audiences. Can’t wait to read The Fearless and The Fabulous!

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  2. This looks so interesting Louise .. I’d love to buy a copy.

    I must live near you (we live in Havelock Road) so I’d be happy to come to pick up a copy if that would be ok with you.

    Thanks for this and for the talks of yours I have been to. Lets hope you can continue with these some time soon

    Best wishes

    Clare ..


    • Hi Clare,

      Thanks so much for your kind comment! I have missed giving my talks this year. Telling stories to a laptop isn’t the same – or as much fun – as talking to a group!

      We are almost neighbours! I’ll email you directly about delivery/pick up!

      Best wishes


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